Dissertation: Title: Three Essays on the Political Economy of Federal Spending

Papers & Journal Articles

Essay 1: Creating the Grant Need Index
Essay 2: Agency Politicization and Grant Allocation Performance
Essay 3: Agency Professionalism and Grant Allocation Performance

Dissertation Committee: Jeffery A. Jenkins (USC, Chair), Elisabeth R. Gerber (Michigan), Pamela C. McCann (USC)

Ha, Heonuk (2023) “Presidential Particularism, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and the Biden Administration.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 53(4): 543-569. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/psq.12850

“Do Presidents Favor Co-Partisan Mayors in the Allocation of Federal Grants?” With Jeffery A. Jenkins (Revised and Resubmitted at Political Science Research and Methods)

“Political Attitudes and the Take-up of Consumer Broadband Subsidies” With Hernan Galperin (Under R&R at Journal of Information Policy)

“Nationalization of Local Elections - The President’s Strategic Intervention in Mayoral Elections” With Jeffery A. Jenkins (Under review)

“Grant Need Index (Fair Grant Amount) - Determining Who Needs and How Much” (Under review)

“Agency Politicization and Grant Allocation Performance" (Under review)

“Guardian of Treasury” or “Party Claimant”? - Appropriation and Budget Committee Members” Fiscal Stance and Hearing Strategy” With Jeffery A. Jenkins and Eli Joun

“Trumpian Particularism in Distributive politics” With Jeffery A. Jenkins

“Politics of Federal Deficit” With Jeffery A. Jenkins and Eric Patashnik

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