Dissertation: Title: Three Essays on the Political Economy of Federal Spending

Papers & Journal Articles

Essay 1: Creating the Grant Need Index
Essay 2: Agency Politicization and Grant Allocation Performance
Essay 3: Agency Professionalism and Grant Allocation Performance

Dissertation Committee: Jeffery A. Jenkins (USC, Chair), Elisabeth R. Gerber (Michigan), Pamela C. McCann (USC)

“Presidential Particularism, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and the Biden Administration” Presidential Studies Quarterly (forthcoming) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/psq.12850

“Do Presidents Favor Co-Partisan Mayors in the Allocation of Federal Grants?” With Jeffery A. Jenkins (Under R&R at Political Science Research and Methods)

“Political Attitudes and the Take-up of Consumer Broadband Subsidies” With Hernan Galperin (Under R&R at Journal of Information Policy)

“Nationalization of Local Elections - The President’s Strategic Intervention in Mayoral Elections” With Jeffery A. Jenkins (Under review)

”Grant Need Index (Fair Grant Amount) - Determining Who Needs and How Much” (Under review)

“Guardian of Treasury” or “Party Claimant”? - Appropriation and Budget Committee Members” Fiscal Stance and Hearing Strategy” With Jeffery A. Jenkins and Eli Joun

“Politics of Federal Deficit” With Jeffery A. Jenkins and Eric Patashnik

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